The World’S Iconic Duo, Tom And Jerry, In An Exclusive Appearance

Sanita® Bambi teams up with the world’s iconic cartoon duo Tom & Jerry to bring babies in KSA and the GCC an international element of fun.

The world’s funniest cartoon characters, Tom & Jerry, landed recently on Sanita® Bambi’s set. The intriguing chase made its debut on every Sanita® Bambi pack with the aim of adding a twist of playfulness and amusement to the diaper’s facelifted designs.

This unique international endorsement also came as part of an integrated marketing strategy intended to reinforce brand equity, create more appealing shelf impact, and more importantly, build a positive brand image. Indeed, by surrounding Sanita® Bambi’s baby fans with cheerful softness and lighthearted protection, Tom & Jerry proved to the most independently-minded mothers that a quality baby diaper can be as entertaining and fun as an animated cartoon adventure!

Sanita® Bambi seized the opportunity to use the WB seal in its promotional communications, and feature the iconic characters on its customer bags, frontal tapes and PE back sheets throughout the whole year.