Sanita® Bambi Lays The Foundations For Brighter Generations In Kids In Motion 2016

Sanita® Bambi, the baby diapers brand synonymous with quality in KSA and the GCC region, took active part in one of the most famous family-oriented exhibitions in the region, Kids In Motion.

The one-stop family exhibition hosted the world’s famous Sponge Bob “I Heart Dancing” and Ninja Turtles “Turtle Power” live stage shows under one amusing roof.

Knowing that Early Childhood education lays the foundation for a better child’s future, Sanita® Bambi also offered its baby fans educational giveaways and prizes with every purchase of a Sanita® Bambi big size pack.

A TV commercial aired on major local channels to promote the offer and instill further the intended message.

The promotion was accompanied by a Facebook personalized campaign, which included interactive tools for kids and mothers, printable coloring pages, matching games, animated alphabet songs and other edutainment activities.