Thousands Of Attendees Watch “Dora The Explorer” Tour Live In Saudi Arabia


Sanita® Bambi stand attracts over 80,000 visitors at “Dora the Explorer: Search for the City of Lost Toys” musical show tour in Saudi Arabia.

Sanita® Bambi brand of baby diapers sponsored Kids In Motion festival 2014, bringing “Dora the Explorer” live to Saudi Arabia for the first time. As a platinum sponsor of the “Search for the City of Lost Toys” musical show, Sanita® Bambi participated in pre-show exhibitions which covered all aspects of raising children.

With Sanita® Bambi stand at the entrance of the pre-show exhibition, Sanita® Bambi welcomed attendees with music, activities and live shows. Thousands of children gathered at Sanita® Bambi booth to indulge in fun games, smart puzzles, and drawing sessions. Children danced and sang-along to the “Shater, Shater” theme-song and took photo shoots.

At the booth, Sanita® Bambi brand distributed over 10,000 free baby diaper regular pack samples.

The musical show and exhibition toured three Saudi cities, Jeddah, Riyadh and Dammam.