Expectant Mums

  • Both the fingers and toes have separated.
  • The bones are beginning to harden.
  • Hair follicles begin to form. 
  • You can’t feel baby moving, but baby is very active. 
  • The eyes move closer together and ears move to their final position.
  • Intestines are grown and kidneys can now secrete urine.
  • The nervous system continues to mature.
  • Baby’s digestive system begins working. 
  • Your skin is changing: irregular dark patches appear on your face and neck and areolas darken. 
         Tip to help you through the week: 
  • Now is a great time to examine your diet and weight and get the nutrients you need.
  • Avoid late night snacks and junk foods.
  • Unique fingerprints are now located on the tips of baby’s fingers.
  • The kidney and urinary tract are completely functional. 
  • Good news! Early pregnancy symptoms, such as morning sickness, start to fade.
  • Your baby’s arms lengthen.
  • The liver begins to produce bile.
  • Baby can grimace and frown.
  • Congratulations! You have just entered your second trimester. 
  • It’s time to deal with the mood swings!
  • Ears continue to develop externally. 
  • Eyes move towards the nose and bones begin to ossify.
  • An ultrasound picture might show baby sucking their thumb. 
  • It is best to begin sleeping on your side.
  • Using several extra pillows or a pregnancy pillow could help.